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Pet Portraits

Commissioned Pet Portraits

Welcome to my Pet Portraits Commissions page. My name is Eve and I use high-quality photographs to bring the stories of beloved pets to life. I work in soft pastels and pencil from my small studio in Cornwall, where I create treasured memories so that owners may remember special animals forever.


Commissions are always treated sensitively and confidentially. I’m not just an artist, I’m an animal lover and one of the greatest joys of my work is seeing the rush of love when I present a finished pet portrait.


From the moment of our first conversation about your pet, to the day I put down the pencil and call you to say your portrait is nearly ready, I enjoy every moment that I am painting your pet portrait.


Painting pet portraits are my passion, but as I am based in beautiful Cornwall I also enjoy spending time at the beach and capturing sunsets forever. You may view some of my recent landscape work here.

Price List

Pet Portrait Commissions Price List (mounted and ready to be framed):


12.7 x 18cm (6 x 8")£115
25 x 20cm (10 x 8")£145
30 x 25cm (12 x10")£185
28 x 35.5cm (14 x11")£245
40 x 30cm (16 x 12")£295
50 x 40cm (20 x 16")£375


It is really important to have a high quality photo to work from to create a realistic portrait.  If you would like a portrait from an old photograph then please contact me and we can discuss if this is possible. Wherever possible, I prefer to have more than one photo to work from, this allows me to see any extra details.


The best photos are usually taken in natural light, so an outdoor photo on a cloudy day or indoors by a window will give the best results. The best pose for my portraits is a close-up of head and shoulders and, if possible, a head tilted at a slight upward angle is great.. Holding a treat held up while they are sitting usually works well.


To book your portrait a 30% deposit is required to secure a space. The outstanding balance is due on completion.


Terms & Conditions:

Deposits are non-refundable.

A 30% deposit is required at the time of the booking.

I reserve the right to sell and reproduce my artwork, should payment not be received.

My artwork may not be reproduced without my permission, under the copyright law. I reserve the right to reproduce my art for advertising or prints.

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See below for more examples of my work.