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Welcome to Eve Martin Art

I am a Cornish artist who captures the energy and beauty of nature through the mediums of soft pastels, watercolours, and oils.


I love wildlife, everything from hedgehogs to lions!  One of my favourite animals though has to be a stag, with their almost branch-like antlers, they’re an absolute pleasure to draw.


I’m also available to work with clients on their unique commissions, which are very often pet portraits. Please see my Pet Portraits gallery for my most recent work.


I was born and raised in West Cornwall, where I enjoy regular walks around its countryside and beaches with my two boys. Cornwall and its wildlife are my passion and I get real enjoyment from using art to represent my environment and capture happy memories for my clients. Whilst drawing has always been in my life, it is only in the last few years that it has evolved to become my occupation – I can really say as someone new to selling art I love what I do!

Art has been an especially big part of my life as during my twenties I began to lose my hearing and by my mid-thirties I was profoundly deaf. With the miracle of science, I have recently benefited from a cochlear implant, and can now hear my boys laugh again (the best thing ever), but art has remained a constant, and as a single parent my art gives me fulfilment, independence, and a feeling of success.


I hope you enjoy my paintings, and as a new business I would really value any feedback.

Examples of My Work



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“Woodland walk”


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